Zenith empowers organizations with impactful custom training to enhance sales performance and achieve better negotiation outcomes!

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Customized training with a focus on results

“from knowledge to skill”: our highly experienced trainers deliver tailored training courses that guarantee measurable results in daily practice.


Unique, tailor-made modules


Practical approach with guaranteed success


Constantly looking for improvement


Proven successful during 25 years


Focus on sales organizations in the B2B market

Our training courses

Incompany training courses

Our in-company trainings are highly customized, tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We design the program and select relevant case studies based on an intake conversation with our clients and a deep understanding of the participants’ practical experiences.

Zenith offers in-company trainings in the following areas:


Open Courses

Our open trainings are designed for individual participants from different companies. The program design and case studies have a standardized approach to cater to the diverse needs of participants.

Zenith offers the following open trainings:


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